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Fitness and Diet Analysis Software for Windows

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Diet Tracking

Track your food and diet with PTrainer. You'll be able to see daily totals for Protein, Carbs, Fat, Fibre, Calories and points. (Certain diets incorporate a points system). Download the latest food and diet XML files from www.SilverOnion.com, to keep your nutrition information up to date. PTrainer diet tracking is easy to use to ensure you get the results you strive for. Works with Atkins or calorie reduction diets.

Fast Gains Progress Tracking

You will need to keep track of the gains you make with PTrainer. When you look back over your entries, you'll see which areas need extra attention. You may decide to power blast your abs to get that six pack effect, or pack mass onto your biceps. PTrainer makes it easier for you to achieve your goals and stand out from the crowd!

Easily record your workouts.

Recording workouts is easy with PTrainer. In cell grid editing allows you to record your workouts quickly and efficiently. Many applications are difficult to use because of a badly designed user interface. Now you can record both your anaerobic and aerobic details with ease.

Multi-User Mode

With PTrainer, you can set up as many users as you like. This is perfect if more than one person in your family would like to use PTrainer, or if you are a fitness professional using PTrainer to store your clients' details. You can also set up exercises and supplements.

Reports and Analysis

PTrainer has a range of reporting and analysis tools. You can easily produce and print out detailed reports. Use the forecasting facility to plan workouts, or use one of our acclaimed exercise programs. You will be amazed at the progress you make with PTrainer.


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Feature List:

l Copy/Paste details from one day to another day.
l Nutrition database now with over 6500 foods.
l Immediate help system.
l Brand new user Interface, with easy to use in-cell grid editing.
l Record in Metric or Imperial (inches or centimeters)
l Over 35 Measurement categories.
l Record and edit your own workout routines.
l Forecasting has now been revamped. Forecasts are much easier to generate.
l Full Backup feature.
l XML Export feature. Share your workouts and routines with others.
l Record Aerobic Details (Exercise, time, setting, energy, comments)
l Import feature. (Easily upgrade from previous versions of PTrainer).
l Download food databases and workouts from the Internet.
l Simplified Multi-User mode.
l Record Anaerobic Details (Exercise, Weight lifted, reps, set, comments)
l Add notes and goals, to track your progress.
l Full reporting system, with seven built in printable reports.
l Add comments to each exercise, such as 'Good form used' or 'Increase weight' etc
l Track Supplements by date.
l Unlimited Diet and nutrient tracking.


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