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How not to be a Hardgainer - by E. Honan


Are you a ĎHardgainerí? If you think you are a Hardgainer, then thatís exactly what youíll continue to be. Youíll never make significant progress, but continue on your plateau. Let me explain.

Your best bodybuilding tool (after PTrainer Fitness Software) is your brain. Your brain decides how much weight you can lift, when you get tired, what food you should eat and how much natural hormones and chemicals to release. Your brain governs everything, including how youíre going to look. Some people use this to their advantage. Hardgainers use it to their detriment, and itís their main downfall.

A Hardgainer thinks:

ē Iíll reach my fitness goals someday, if I keep trying.
ē This new supplement or program is the answer! Iíll just buy that and then Iíll succeed.
ē Itís my genetics.
ē Iíll start my new regime next week.
ē I canít lift that weight; I canít jog for that long.
ē Iím too weak, too fat, or too skinny.
ē Other people succeed because they use drugs or more expensive supplements.
ē I just need to get the right rep scheme, or diet. Then Iíll look great.
ē Iím a Hardgainer.

What a Hardgainer does:

ē Tries everything. Tries every diet, program, supplement and regime.
ē Spends lots of money getting nowhere.
ē They read lots of articles (such as this one), but then forget them.
ē They plod along the path of least resistance.
ē They fluctuate. Some times they do make progress, but then lose it all. Some times they do not progress at all.
ē Progress painfully slowly.

So, are you a Hardgainer? Do you look the same as you did last year? Does your waist never get slimmer, or your body fat reduce? IF this is the case, you are probably a hard gainer.

How do you stop being a hard gainer?
The first step is to stop thinking you are a Hardgainer. Everyone is different, and everyone progresses at different levels. Some people are more positive than others. You have read this far, so you have the potential to stick it out for a few more weeks and meet your goals. Other people simply want results, but can be bothered to find out how to get them.

From now on, you are not a Hardgainer. You are a winner! This is your first, and most important step and you just got it free from Silver Onion Fitness Software. As a winner, you have to think like a winner, and the word will become flesh. Congratulations, youíve just abandoned your excuses! Now there is no reason not to succeed. You can now use your brain to your advantage.

What a winner thinks:

ē Iím reaching my fitness goals now.
ē I can lift that weight or jog that distance.
ē There are no magic pills, programs or diets.
ē Iím doing it now.
ē I have great genetics.
ē I donít need drugs; I can do it without them. Other people have, and so will I.

A winner can see the progress that they are making.

If you donít keep improving bit by bit every day, you will never reach your goals. Thatís where PTrainer fitness software comes in. With PTrainer, you can track your progress. You can see your progress, and youíll instantly know what stage you should be at. You get positive results because youíll see exactly where you are on your personal plan. Itís much easier to achieve your goals when you have a plan, and can see your progress. Every day you wait it a day of lost progress, itís a Hardgainer day.

PTrainer Fitness Software can be purchased from www.silveronion.com.


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