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A Short Article on How to Lose Fat - by A. Maxwell

Here is yet another article about losing body fat. The Internet is riddled with such articles. Some propose complex diets; others give worthwhile valuable advice and most are trying to sell something.

The best way to lose body fat (other than surgery) is a change in lifestyle. The most important factor will be... you guessed it... diet! Here are some simple ways to change the way you eat which will have a major impact on your health and body fat percent.

1. Fast food
Cut out fries, burgers, pizzas etc. They are riddled with saturated fats, salt and simple sugars. Use negative association to help. Consider what goes into these products and you probably won't want to eat them. Each bite you take is adding an extra layer of fat. If you're serious about losing weight, then rid yourself of the burden of fast food.

2. Soda and fizzy drinks
If you can't bear to be without them, first only buy diet versions. Then wean yourself off of those. After a while you won't want to drink them. Fizzy drinks contain large quantities of sugar. Once you have given them up, if you try drinking them again you'll probably find that your body can't cope with the refined sugar, and you'll get very sleepy (sugar crash). You may also find a sensation of your teeth being coated with sugar.

3. Alcohol
A glass of red wine with your dinner does the world of good. However, if you're drinking one or two bottles of wine, or regularly visiting the bar for drinking sessions, you are probably fighting a losing battle. Ever heard the expression 'Beer belly'? Alcoholic beverages are full of empty calories. People are also more inclined to eat fast food when they've been drinking. Cut down.

4. Snacks
Consider how much fat and sugar a typical bar of chocolate contains. Would you eat a bar of butter or lard? Imagine this is what you are doing when you eat a bar of chocolate and you won't be too far off the mark. Look at the calorie content of confectionary. How long would it take to work off this much energy on an exercise bike? You have a choice, eat the confectionary and exercise it off, or don't eat the confectionary.

Tip: When you're grocery shopping, don't buy snacks. If they are not in the house, you will not be tempted.

5. Quantity
The more you eat, the more calories and fat you are consuming. However, eating too little can be disastrous as well. Your metabolism will slow down, making it easier for your body to gain fat.  Unfortunately, there are no easy rules to this. Everyone is different and have different dietary requirements. If you're still gaining weight and have followed steps 1 to 4 above, it might be time to either exercise more, or reduce serving sizes.

It is not practical to do all this over night. You will probably be quite miserable, and give up after a few days. Here are some alternatives:

1. Food
Easy to make, quick and tasty food does exist. It's what people used to eat before fast food outlets and processed food became so popular. Here's a recipe that will take about 20 minutes to prepare:

Chicken fillet
(Optional) Edam
Burger bun (look for wholemeal varieties, or interesting bread)

Put the skinned chicken fillet in the oven for 20 minutes (or under the grill). Put it in the burger bun with the other ingredients. The main benefits of this recipe is that the chicken is actually pure chicken breast and hasn't had any saturated fats added to it. You are also limiting the general chemical content of the chicken burger by using fresh ingredients.

If you like snacks, considering eating fruit as a substitute. There are hundreds of varieties of apples (for example) to choose from.

Use your imagination and explore a whole new world of fast, healthy and tasty food. If you have any healthy recipes, please email us at info@silveronion.com, and we'll publish them on our site so that other people can benefit.

2. Drinks
Buy a juicer. Juiced fruit and vegetables are very inconvenient, but taste great. They are full of vitamins and anti-cancer compounds. Alternatively, try ice-cold skimmed milk, or good old-fashioned refreshing water. Chinese green tea is also very good for you. It protects against cancers of the oesophagus, colon, breast, lung, stomach and skin.

Take your new lifestyle one step at a time. Cut out fast food first, and when you're happy with this, move onto the next step and cut out fizzy drinks. If you lapse, brush yourself down and get back on your horse. Most importantly, don't give up and remember that this lifestyle change is for life (or for however long you want to be thin).

You'll have good days and bad days. By tracking your progress with PTrainer Fitness Software, you could have many more good days.

PTrainer Fitness Software can be purchased from www.silveronion.com.


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