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Customer Testimonials

The following customer testimonials have been sent to us praising the amazing results obtained while using PTrainer

I had been working out for over five years. When I first started, I made great gains and was very pleased with my progress. However, after a couple of years I realised that I wasnt getting any stronger, I seemed to have stalled. I was getting pretty depressed and was going to give up weight lifting. I was sick of reading about people that seemed to be making huge gains with little apparent effort.

A friend introduced me to PTrainer. I was able to track my workouts, and after about a month I realised the mistakes I was making. Using a scientific approach, I radically changed my routine. In the last month Ive gained seven pounds of lean muscle. Ive never got gains like that through expensive supplements!

-John, Dublin

I was desperate to lose weight. I had successfully lost a stone through a slimming club, but had piled all the weight back on, after the birth of my son. Susan from my slimming club seemed to be making great progress. She had left the club over a year ago, and was still keeping the weight off. I asked her how she managed it, and she told me about PTrainer. Not only have I saved money on the slimming club, but Ive also lost 18 pounds of fat. I feel great!

- Heather, Germany

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